Here are some questions & Answers about our services and products. As you can see, we are a platform devoted to the construction trades and helping our clients become successful.


Important Note: We do not ship whole products currently. We are a remote construction Services Business.


Our Slogan is:  "Quantity Takeoff & Estimating in a Pinch"


Our slogan simply means that we are here to help construction related businesses and we help contractors in the construction industry remotely. While construction estimating has been our main focus, we have been able to expand those services to further help professionals in the construction industry with other remote services listed in the Pinch Services category on this platform. We have broadened our remote services because we have found through our relationships with other contractors that there is a definite need in these other areas, we now offer services for.


We have experience in all of the services we offer and hope to help contractors and construction related businesses reach a level of professionalism and standards that set them apart from their competition.


Can people outside the U.S. & Canada register?


  • Yes: People outside the United States & Canada can register and participate in any remote services


What happens after I purchase a service and it's added to my budget?

  • Someone will contact you immediately to discuss the service you purchased.
  • We create a folder in our software for your specific business entity using your business name and information.
  • We will set up any items and assemblies you have on hand and update as we do project work on your behalf.
  • We do quantity takeoff only, quantity takeoff & Estimates, & Unit Cost Estimates for Construction Businesses & Homeowners.
  • We create a folder with your business info in our Software to track progress as we work.
  • If provided with your Logo, we upload your Logo (600px X 600px) to attach to our Bid Proposal Template for Bids upon request.
  • We also offer Interior Design 2D/3D, Data Entry, Spreadsheets and more.... (Check Out Pinch Services)
  • We also provide homeowner estimates. We do not need a Logo or Business Name for these Services.



 Here are some examples of Construction Service Documents?


Can I Just Get an Estimate and Use my own Bid Proposal Template or Add My Own Pricing?

  • Yes of Course.
  • Use Our Services as Much or Little as you Like.


What Are a Few Ways Your Service(s) Can Save Money?

  • You Don't Pay Employee Taxes for Us
  • You Don't Pay our Employee Benefits
  • You Don't Have to Pay Company Car Cost
  • You Can Use Our Services as Needed
  • And Much More You Save On!

How Does Your Service Save Homeowners Money?

  • We Don't Just Save Homeowners Money
  • We Save Homeowner's from Scams
  • Our Comprehensive Estimates Give you a Leg Up 
  • Our Comprehensive Education & Consulting Services Give You a Know
  • Our Services Save You Aggravation and Money in the Long Run


 Do you Provide Estimates for Homeowners?


What are Brands?

  • Businesses located under brands are some of the products we support as affiliates and even subscribe to in some cases.
  • Some Brands have been listed simply because we use them ourselves and trust them.
  • We only list brands as possible resources for our clients. We are not responsible for any business dealings between brands our users.
  • All dealings with our listed brands are between you and those brands and Pinch Estimating and its owner(s) are not included in those dealings, subscriptions or purchases in any capacity whatsoever.
  • In any case where issues may arise between clients or guests and our listed Brands, they must be taken up with the Brand directly. Go to the said brands website and contact customer service on their platform.


Do you have a List of services you provide? (Check Out Pinch Services)

  • Start Here
  • Buildertrend Help
  • 1000's of Chart Templates 
  • Data Entry
  • 2D & 3D Rendering
  • Spreadsheets
  • Estimating
  • Product Procurement
  • Basic to Advanced Contractor Website Design Help
  • Construction Consulting
  • Anything We Can Do to Help the Contractor & Construction Industries
  • and more


How many plans can I submit for your services and bid proposals per package?


  •  As many as your budget allows.


  • We have three options for project work: Preloaded Budget, Hourly Billed Weekly or Fixed Rate Negotiated.



 Who do you provide services for?


Refund Policy