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Product Overview

What sets us apart from others is price, quality, experience  and you can involve us in your project as much as you like.

This is an hourly remote package for subcontractors bid sets. The rate is $35 HR. Select an amount to put toward your estimating budget. The purchase is your deposit used as your work budget for estimating. When the selected amount deposited is 75% used up, you will get a notification to make another deposit. Most subcontractors start with a $250 Deposit and then when they get comfortable with our services they deposit bigger amounts. We reccomens starting off at the $250 preloaded budget first for your convienience. 

Note: Fixed Rate Estimates Have to be purchased seperately from hourly we cannot combine the two different rates. Hourly budgets on projects are kept seperate from fixed rate and fixed rates are kept seperate from hourly on all projects submitted.

No onsite visits included. Strictly Remote. Extra charges apply to onsite visits.

Here is a general breakdown of subcontractor promotion upon request

  • On call professional takeoff expert available from 8am to 5pm 
  • material & labor estimates
  • Support for promoting your vision and mission while winning bids
  • Availability Monday through Friday with Saturday Flex Hours as available (no Sundays)
  • Ability to save money and free up time by not having to hire and manage employees
  • Quantity takeoff from plans
  • Markups
  • Editable Spreadsheets
  • Bid Proposal with Logo if Needed
  • Professional communication with your team lead during all phases of the winning bid
  • Detailed and accurate we use your prices or suggested regional
  • Handle change orders as needed and estimate from blueprints
  • Make finished plans available with notes on winning bids
  • Option to easily transfer proposal information into your own template
  • Remote Support for project managers 
  • Customizable level of involvement in your projects
  • All work associated with submitted plans billed hourly
  • Check on Bid Submittals after Sent and by email

Package Considerations:

  1. Remote Estimating that works

  2. Newer or growing businesses moving into the blueprint reading and estimating network
  3. Flexible staffing options: For businesses with plenty of bid invites but not enough estimators, consider offering the option to hire an estimator on a flexible, as-needed basis to free up project managers and team members.

  4. Job security during slow seasons: For businesses struggling to provide job security during slow seasons, consider offering a retainer or long-term contract to ensure a consistent workload for estimators.

  5. Cost-saving solutions: For businesses looking to save money and create more competitive proposals, consider offering bulk discounts or streamlined estimating processes to reduce costs.

  6. Timeliness: For businesses that are behind on timelines, consider offering expedited estimating services or flexible scheduling to help them meet their deadlines.

How it works: 

1) Make a Deposit which is used toward your hourly work. Deposits are purchased through this listing.

2) The rate is $35 Hour. Calls, meetings,subcontractor/vendor relationships, plan takeoff and anything associated with the plan work is charged hourly.

3) When the deposit threshold has been reached you will get a notification to make a deposit to continue work.

Lets get a contract locked down and win some bids! These are the skill sets we can estimate for you.