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Pinch Estimating

Pinch Estimating is a professional business that provides remote construction estimating services to General Contractors and Subcontractors in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. We specialize in quantity takeoff and offer professional estimates, bid proposals and detailed quantity takeoffs for both businesses and homeowners. In addition to helping contractors and builders win more bids, we also offer a thorough service to homeowners to educate them and help protect them from scams. Our services include in-home residential estimates and onsite commercial estimates, and we are able to visit sites in person if necessary (Some Exclusions Apply). We understand that some contractors are overwhelmed with work, and some homeowners have had negative experiences in the past, which is why we offer our services to alleviate some of the workload and provide support. Our packages are straightforward and designed to help you focus on your other priorities and win more bids.

Commercial & Residential Contractors

Our company offers remote estimate packages and quantity takeoff services for commercial, Industrial and residential contractors in the Division 9 Finishes as well as other CSI takeoff throughout the United States, Canada & Abroad. We help General Contractors, Franchises, Small Outfits, Property Managers and Subcontractors achieve their goals by saving them money in several ways. When a contractor hires us, we act as an employee, which allows our clients to save on employee tax, benefits, time, and other expenses such as company car costs. This allows them to pass on the savings to their customers and create more competitive bids. Our estimates and quantity takeoff are detailed and may include Phases, Mobilization Costs, Schedule of Values, and a bid proposal with the client's logo upon client request. We also provide General Contractors remotely with a Hard Estimate on their builds for submittal in some instances. 



Our company offers valuable and educational packages for homeowners as well. We can provide a professional estimate for homeowners based on their own architectural plans or through a simple hand sketched drawing with measurements. We will listen to the homeowner's needs and measure and estimate the cost of the project with our innovative takeoff software's.. Homeowners trust us because we use our experience in the trades and regional averages to create a realistic, professional estimate that includes all the necessary details. In addition to providing estimates, we also educate homeowners on the various processes and phases of their project to help them avoid being taken advantage of during home renovations. Our detailed professional estimates and bid proposals can be used by homeowners as a negotiating tool and to ensure that they hire the right contractor for the job and at a better price because our documentation can be used during your negotiations with contractors for your project needs. We also can upon request provide a general breakdown of the phases and a schedule of values to give homeowners confidence. We are here to educate homeowners and help them have a better experience with home renovations. Furthermore, Pinch Estimating provides options for homeowners such as 2D Drawings and 3D Renderings which provide additional tools for homeowners and their renovation needs.    


What Areas do we cover?

United States, Canada & Countries Abroad (Some Exclusions May Apply)


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Tired of complicated processes with hidden fees. Our packages are straight forward and simple. What you see is what you get!


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