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Product Overview

We are providing a service that requires the Cedreo software. We are not selling the Cedreo Software. Please review the photos and video in listing for a general overview and excitement!


Hello-If your reading this then your on the right track bringing your vision to life. Cedreo & Pinch Estimating are now affiliate partners and we are useing there software for all of our  3D Home Design and Small Commercial Outfit Design needs. We have teamed up with Cedreo here at Pinch Estimating. We are very excited to have a relationship with Cedreo and look forward to providing our clientele with awe inspiring new build, renovations, interior design and most importantly bringing there visions to life. We have decided to use Cedreo for this part of our business because we believe the Quality, Capability, Efficiency, and Price are unmatched compared with other softwares promoted online. We know this because we started this expedition of hunting/surveying/reviewing and compareing apples to apples roughly the spring months of 2017.  We have been very pro-active in comparing apples to apples, reading content, viewing available demo videos, checking out capabilities, and utilizing the free subscriptions to get a test drive on many many platforms that offer 2D & 3D Rendering and options. 

And simply said; Quality, Capability, Efficiency, and Price are unmatched. We chose Cedreo and our clients are happy with it as well. We are going to list a link in the description for those who have experience with construction and understand the concepts of 2D & 3D Rendering. If you believe its something you can do yourself or have a background with experience useing these platforms then we encourage you to give it a shot yourself. Click on the pic if you want to do the work yourself.  

For those who want a professional who knows how to utilize the software already and have extensive backgrounds in the construction industry, we want you to relize your vision(s) and we are here to put in the time and expertise needed to create what you want useing Cedreo ourselves. Below are the requirements if you need us to perform the important task of bringing your vision to life: 

Project Scopes Performed: Thier is a $1000 Dollar Minimum Deposit Required for 2D/3D Design Project Work.

1) The starting cost is $399 Plus $35 per Hour for all project work 2D & 3D home Design. 

  • The $399 is deducted from your preloaded budget (This is for our software upkeep, costs, payment processing fees and other administrative costs associated with these types of projects.
  • The $35 Per Hour is also deducted from your preloaded busget (This is for the project creation)
  • We monitor all project work with another software called Everhour (Screenshots, Punch-In & Punch-Out are monitored with this software) When 75% or more of the budget minimum is depleted a notification/reciept is sent out to the client for there records and reminder that you may need to preload more budget for your project work. 

2) Pinch Estimating does however offer a big discount to 2D/3D Home Design Clients if they want to Add a comprehensive construction estimate for the extended cost of the 3D Vision we are building. Where the normal cost of General Contractor construction Estimating is $45.00 Dollars Per Hour. We only extend a $25.00 Per Hour construction Estimating cost to Our 2D/3D Home Design Clients. Pinch Estimating discounts this cost of $45 Dollars Per Hour by $20 Dollas Per Hour Just for you. Giving you the best deal out there for this kind of estimating if it is something you wish to do. What are the Benefits of adding a Extended cost estimate to our 2D/3D Home Design projects?

  • Material Cost Will be Estimated For Project from Lowes/Homedepot or Select Stores)
  • Labor Cost Will Be Estimated For Project Using Our National Costs Per Region
  • Material Tax Will be Calculated In the Estimate Per Region
  • Markup % Will Be added (This is neccesary to get an estimate that will reflect average contractor pricing for scope of work included in project
  • Use the total cost of estimate to negotiate a better price when the hiring process begins
  • Use Project Summary with its Clarifications, Inclusions, Exclusions, & Alternates (These will need to be in any contract agreement with contractors)
  • Use the extended budget for a general timeline
  • Use the finished 3D Rendering as a reference for deliverable
  • Use the 2D Rendering to help get estimates from subcontractors

Review all pics to get a general idea of what we can do. 

These project to require some collaborations as the work is in progress. This is a great way to see what the work entails and just how granular we can get on finishes and other materials you select. 



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