Sponsored Pro's Annual Advertisement Fee

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Overview

Get direct-to-customer advertising with our Sponsored Pro's promotion(s).

Why pay for each lead individually. Your Website link will be linked to your Logo and Tag line and a simple click will take customers directly to your website or social media page.

Are you searching for an excellent way to expand your business's reach and get more exposure?

Here's how it works: Select the package 1yr ($49), 3yr ($79), 5yr ($99) or lifetime ($299)

  1. Call 1-800-857-2305 Ext 201 P.J. 
  2. Provide your Business Logo (
  3. Provide a Business name and Tag line which will be located under the Logo to get customers attention

Click this link to go to our Trusted Brands to get a general idea of how your Sponsored Pros listing works. This is where your listing will be located. 

1yr: is one year of business exposure in our trusted brands section.

3yrs: is three years of business exposure in our trusted brands section. Three year gives a great discount relative to the 1 yr listing. Saving you $68.00 over 3 Years. 

5yrs: is five years of business exposure in our trusted brands section. Plus the ability to make changes twice a year to help stir more traffic to your business. 

Lifetime Exposure: you will remian listed until you ask us to remove the listing or Pinch Estimating Closes its Doors. You also get the ability to make up to 5 changes each year to help you stear more traffic to you, during the holidays, during your deals, during your promotions, giveaways, or whatever your marketing team may come up with. 

Expired Listings. 

Your Listing start date is day of purchase until day of expiration 1yr, 3yr, 5yr. 

Extra Benefits for 5yr and Lifetime Exposure only:

5yr) Up to 2 Changes Per Year on 5 yr: You can update your Logo for Season, You can list a pic with a Special Deal, Maybe you had a business name change, or you had a brand new logo created. 

Lifetime) Up to 4 Changes Per Year on Lifetime: You can update your Logo for Seasons, You can list a pic with a Special Deal, Maybe you had a business name change, or you had a brand new logo created. 

Get creative with your business listing. We may prohibit some listings at our discretion if they are deemed inapropriate by our team. This is left to our full discretion and we may just say no if we deem it inapropriate. We are not required to give a reason but we will give you a yes or no and this will be enough. Generally, Sponsored Pro's Promotions is for construction businesses, construction related businesses, and interior design businesses.  Listing Anything deemed construction related is ok. 

Some Listings We would Definately Prohibit: 

We do prohibit anything that may compete with our primary construction estimting business services. We prohibit anything that may contradict the values and professionalism we deem appropriate. We also prohibit any listing that may put Pinch Estimating, Owners & other entities in a negative view of the public. We are a trusted Brand and we want to keep it this way.  

Extra Extras: 

On occasion we do get a request from our current clientele who have used our Sponsored Pro's man I wish I had the ability to just change the listing 1 time or 1 more time. 



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    Posted by Business Owner on Jan 22nd 2024

    I am happy with the leads I have been getting from this since I posted here 9 months ago. Took a month or two to get noticed but I am getting a few leads now here and there.