One Time Estimate Large Size Project

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
First Skill Set Billed at:
Additional Skill Sets Billed at:
$100 Each
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Product Overview

This Is a fixed priced estimate based on quantity of skill sets you are performing per plan. For Contractors & Businesses.

One Time Estimate Large Projects:

  • These have a total ceiling space of 30,001 sqft to 50,000 sqft
  • These also have blueprints

One Time Estimate Large Project Price: 

Quantity Takeoff & Cost Estimates

What Is a Skill Set?

  • A skill set is a person's range of skills or abilities
  • If a contractor only does painting thats 1 skill set
  • If a contractor does flooring, drywall, framing thats 3 Skill Sets

And so on...........

How do I determine the size of Job?

  • By measureing the total ceiling space square footage of project

How do I send the blueprints to Pinch Estimating?

  • You can send the blueprints by email
  • You can share the dropbox link

What other information does Pinch Estimating Need?

  • Due Date for estimate
  • Customer Information
  • Your Business Information

Other Important Information:

  • If you want quantities only we just need the plans
  • If you want a Material & Labor Estimate we will need information pertaining to these costs

What if I want Pinch Estimating to use my software?

  • We use our own prefered software not others
  • We do quantity only, Unit Cost, & Material & Labor Estimates

*Hourly packages are seperate from fixed rate. Therefore a one time service budget cannot be transfered to an hourly plan and hourly plans can not be transfered to one time plans.