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Check back regularly for project updates. Construction estimators have 24 hours to inspect and provide necessary documents for quantity takeoffs sold to customers. This allows our estimators to ensure accuracy before forwarding them to clients in Buy Bid(s). Some documents may be downloadable upon purchase.

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Pinch Estimating Simplifies the bidding process for builders, subcontractors, and general contractors in the commercial, residential, and industrial trade divisions. By revolutionizing how contractors bid on jobs, Pinch Estimating takes on the necessary work, enabling builders and contractors to quickly and easily purchase the projects they want to bid on.

Pinch Estimating offers a selection of projects available for fixed-price purchase in various locations across the United States, Canada, and internationally. The process is simple: Estimators perform the necessary services in advance, and contractors can purchase the projects they wish to bid on.

When contractors purchase a project for bidding from one of Pinch Estimating's vendors, they receive a concise overview of the project's scope, location, due date, markups, and an editable spreadsheet. Additionally, Pinch Estimating and its Buy Bid Construction Estimators Vendors provide all the necessary information and any project addendums required for bid submission.

Contractors who purchase a project for bidding from our freelance estimators also receive a spreadsheet that allows them to adjust prices for materials and labor if needed. The spreadsheet enables contractors to add local sales tax on materials, markup the project total, and incorporate waste percentages on items. Furthermore, the spreadsheet may provide a rough estimate of labor requirements for the project. Please note that the layout and content of the spreadsheets may vary depending on the vendor selling the pre-qualified takeoff for bidding.

Additionally, contractors who purchase a project for bidding from freelance vendors receive the project plans and markups, along with a summary of the scope provided by the estimator. This summary helps contractors understand the project, similar to if they had performed the takeoff themselves. However, it is recommended that contractors carefully study the documents and spreadsheets to become familiar with the purchased project. Contractors receive all the necessary information to make an accurate bid and can use their own project bid proposal template. Alternatively, some freelancers may offer extras for convenience, such as attaching their logo with clarifications, inclusions, exclusions, and alternates for bid to the general contractor, subcontractor, real-estate developer, homeowner, or builder, for an additional fee.

Pinch Estimating's service saves contractors time and resources in the bidding process. Instead of performing the necessary work themselves, contractors can focus on the bidding process, making it quicker and more efficient.

The fixed price purchase model of Pinch Estimating also provides cost savings to contractors. Contractors know the exact project cost upfront, with no hidden fees. This helps contractors manage their finances and plan accordingly, instilling confidence when bidding on a project.

The ability to adjust material and labor prices is another significant advantage for contractors. This flexibility allows them to account for changes or unforeseen circumstances during the project. Contractors can add local sales tax on materials, markup the project total, and include waste percentages on items, granting complete control over their budget. This control facilitates informed decision-making and ensures profitability.

Furthermore, contractors receive the project plans, markups, and a summary of the scope from the estimator. This understanding allows for accurate bidding and better estimation of resources and project completion time.

In summary, Pinch Estimating's service offers numerous benefits to contractors bidding on projects in various CSI trades. The fixed price purchase model, along with the ability to adjust material and labor prices, add local sales tax, and receive project plans and markups with a scope summary, empowers contractors to maintain control over their budget, make informed decisions, and estimate project requirements accurately.

In conclusion, this is going to revolutionize and change the way contractors bid on projects! Doing the quantity takeoff before a client even requests it and then offering a selection to choose from, for sale for the quickest streamlined way to bid on construction projects is unheard off. Pinch Estimating is truly reinventing the wheel of construction services.


Disclaimer: Pinch Estimating is not responsible for the accuracy of the offered services for sale in Buy Bids. You, Businesses, Contractors, Homeowners and the like must review the information in all submitted documents before submitting any of the purchased services from the Pinch Estimating Website for bid to your requester(s). Accordingly, you must review any spreadsheet, 2D or 3D rendering, or any other purchased service provided on the Pinch Estimating Website.