"The Ultimate Grand Unveiling for Buy Bids on April 4th at 4:11 PM!"

Posted by P.J. on Sep 18th 2023

"The Ultimate Grand Unveiling for Buy Bids on April 4th at 4:11 PM!"

Posted by P.J. on 18th Sep 2023

"The Ultimate Buying Experience: Unveiling Buy Bids on April 4th at 4:11 PM 2024!"


Construction Contractor Industry Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars and prepare for the most thrilling estimating experience of your life! We are thrilled to announce the Grand Unveiling of Buy Bids, a revolutionary concept that is set to transform the way contractors bid on (RFP), on April 4th at 4:11 PM sharp. Get ready for a construction bidding experience tailored to construction professionals like never before, as we take the world of estimating & Bidding and revolutionize the process.

What Are Buy Bids?

Before we dive into the excitement surrounding this Grand Unveiling, let's first understand what Buy Bids are about. Buy Bids is a groundbreaking platform that pre-estimates bid sets and lists them for sale. Once a construction project up for bid is purchased the contractor will receive a purchase confirmation where they can download documents needed to bid on the project. And the great news is all you have to do is add your pricing to the quantities and production rates and submit the bid to the listed General Contractors(s).

Why Buy Bids Will Change the Game:

Pre-Estimated: Buy Bids introduces a reinvention of how construction estimating is initiated, processed, performed and submitted for bid. The adrenaline rush of bidding a job in as little as 15 Minutes. From purchase to bid submittal in 15 Minutes! The old process takes hours. You have now entered Mach 5 and can submit 4 to 5 bids an hour. Guaranteeing you some awards with more chances to win.

Pre-Estimated Meaning: We have selected projects in the tri-state area with a focus on Pennsylvania to start. We are surveying the projects, performing the quantity takeoff for materials and Labor beforehand. We then list the construction project for sale. Upon purchase the contractor can plug his numbers into the quantities and production rates listed on a professional editable spreadsheet to get there selling price. Simple as that! Purchase, Download Documents, plug in your pricing and submit your bid to listed General Contractor (s).

Unbeatable Prices: By participating in Buy Bids, you will notice the price to hire an estimator to estimate one job is much more expensive than purchasing 5 pre-estimated construction projects up for bid from us.

Transparency: Buy Bids is committed to transparency. All of our Buy Bid listings provide an Outfit Summary and an Overview Summary. Giving you the information needed to decide if the project is right for your business and experience. We also provide notes on the Construction Documents and highlights to help subcontractors better navigate the job once awarded.

Trim The Fat: We do our best to trim the fat. As you know from dealing with pre-construction services there is a lot of price phishing, Budget Plans "Not for Construction Use" and other landmines a contractor has to sift through. We go extra lengths to make sure only projects that are up for bid are listed on our website. We make the calls and verify everything we can if we smell something fishy. You know what I mean!

Buy Bid Package Extent: All purchases will get construction markups with highlights and notes, every project purchase also gets an editable spreadsheet so you can streamline the bidding process, we also include the complete bid plan set, all projects have an in-depth summary section, and every project comes with all the project information needed to submit your bid proposal. Purchase to Bid in 15 Minutes!

What about Addenda(s)? We will make sure all addenda are read and any changes to the project are made before we list the project for sale. In the rare instance an addendum is issued after it is purchased you will be notified.And we have come up with a way to remedy this as you will see on our website when we go live.

Extras: Buy Bids will offer extras like professional Bid Proposals for your Buy Bid purchases for submittal if you do not have your own Bid Proposal Template.

Giveaways: We will be giving away complete pre-estimated Buy Bid projects of your choice to those who submit their name and email to us: [], We will only use this email to remind you of the upcoming Grand Unveiling of Buy Bids and to send you your coupon code for up to 3 free projects of your choice to submit for bid. This is a great way to see the accuracy and efficiency of this new revolutionizing construction bidding process. You must send a request to the email listed above to receive a giveaway award. You must be a licensed contractor of 5 years minimum and a professional tradesman with 5 years of experience in your respective trade(s) to participate.

The cut off deadline for giveaways is March 20th 5pm EST. All coupon codes for giveaway will be sent to the requestors between March 25th & March 30th, 2024. Redeemable beginning April 4th 2024 4:15pm and will expire May 1st, 2024.

The Grand Unveiling: April 4th at 4:11 PM

Now, let's talk about the main event – the grand unveiling of Buy Bids! This is not just another launch; it's a celebration of innovation, excitement, and endless possibilities. Here's what you can expect: An email reminder on the 4th of every Month. And 3 to 4 per week a few weeks prior to launch date & time.

Website Going Live: Tune in at 4:11 PM on April 4th to witness the possibilities for your business and teams. Our service reps will guide you through the bidding process, and you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

How to Join the Fun:

Participating in the Buy Bids Grand Unveiling couldn't be easier. Here's what you need to do:

Mark Your Calendar: Set a reminder for April 4th at 4:11 PM. This is a momentous occasion you won't want to miss!

Visit Our Website: On the big day, visit our website at [] to join the live event. Website will not be live until April 4th @ 4:11pm EST.

Create an Account: If you haven't already, create a Buy Bids account to start bidding and winning.

Get Ready to Bid: With our modern solution and update to the outdated process you can submit more construction bids to General Contractors in 1 hour than your current process allows in 1 week probably.

The countdown to the grand unveiling of Buy Bids has begun, and the excitement is palpable! Join us on April 4th at 4:11 PM for an unforgettable experience that will change the way you bid construction projects forever. Get ready to bid, win, and celebrate the future of online construction bidding with Buy Bids. See you there!