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You can find our featured Brands and Sponsored Professionals at the bottom of our homepage. To discover more of them, keep coming back and simply click "view all" for a complete list. These are trusted resources we've selected to assist you on the Pinch Estimating Platform. These partners may offer physical products, digital items, or services. Any transactions with them will be handled directly by their representatives.


We're just providing these as potential helps and resources for construction contractors, homeowners and Businesses. We're not involved in any sales or referrals for these Brands. Our role is solely to showcase Brands we trust. We may or may not have an association with them and may receive rewards for qualified purchases through our links. As an affiliate to some of these Brands we may receive rewards on qualified purchases. 


Many of these Brands we've used, use as needed, or know to be reliable based on other information. We can't guarantee the quality of their products or services. Our main aim is to offer alternative resources that might be unfamiliar to you but can be found through our Brand listings.


We're not responsible for or involved in any transactions between clients or customers who click on these Brand links. If you have any questions about these Brands and what they offer, please click on the Logo or Tag Line of listing where you will then be able to find the proper contact information. Contact their representatives directly. Our role is to list helpful resources for the construction industry, and we don't go beyond that. If any issues arise from dealings with these listed Brands, you'll need to resolve them directly with the Brand(s). You can do this by reaching out to the Brand's customer support team, whose contact information can be found on their website or social media platform.




There is only one exception. We are (Pinch Estimating) dealers for the trusted brands labeled |B2B| located in the affiliate brands page on the Pinch Estimating platform. As contractors, builders, general contractors, subcontractors, real-estate developers, investors, property managers, property owners, homeowners, construction franchises and interior designers, you're always looking for a better deal and price on materials for your renovation or new build. These |B2B| businesses offer products for your commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects that many homeowners, individuals, and construction related businesses do not even know about. We encourage you to apply for |B2B| dealer accounts on those (Business to Business |B2B|) websites; reachable when you click on the area of each listing. After you click on the listing area it will take you to the |B2B| website. Once your there apply to become a dealer or reseller because many contractors may be eligible for the dealer pricing which can be extremely beneficial to your individual needs. Point blank! you will find tools, parts, accessories, building materials, staging items and sundries you need, and you will save a significant amount of money! 

Finally, if you apply and do not qualify for any of the |B2B| Business to Business wholesale (Truly Wholesale, Solid Source, Authentic Supplier) accounts. Look through the catalogs and write down every item and its quantities you need. Purchase the B2B Services Subscription first (Steps Below). Then we will add your information in our backend. Then browse the site or sites and catalog or catalogs of B2B Businesses you wish to get products from. Note with detail all the items you want to order. After making sure those quantities and items are in accordance with the minimum order for each of the products you need email us the information at with your Cash App information so we can confirm you are a subscriber. Additionally, if you rather do this over the phone, we can do an order over the phone and even share screen and go through catalogs together to get your order. Please feel free to give us a call 1-800-857-2305 Ext 201 so we can discuss your options. We are qualified dealers here at Pinch Estimating for many of these |B2B| businesses and have access to real wholesale pricing. We are not one of those sites that claim wholesale but are really retail. The catalogs and websites list all the products these B2B companies carry and even though you may not have an account the products are viewable. You must have a B2B Service Subscription before we place any orders on your behalf. Follow the instructions below.  Things you will need to do before we order those items for you and have them delivered to your address on file:


  1. To begin, please acquire the B2B Services Subscription.

  • This is a 1yr Subscription Purchase through Cash App of $299 USD to Cash tag ($pinchestimating) our Business Cash tag. We will enter you in our system upon purchase. 
  • When you send the $299 USD For: B2B Services Subscriptions (B2B Services Subscriptions) 
  • For $299 we will give you the privilege of Pinch Estimating Pricing. 
  • A paid subscription fee allows you to purchase from any B2B Brand we have listed in Brands. 
  • Qualified Brands Will have the | B2B | as highlighted below. 
  • Contractors in all trades are looking for the best deals and we have access to them. 
  • Many of the B2B Businesses offer Bulk and Single item sales. 

*Don't have a Cash App we can send you a link to set one up its very easy.


  1. Choose the specific B2B(s) from which you wish to receive merchandise.

  2. Kindly send us a comprehensive list of merchandise, including quantities, that you would like to order and have delivered to your home or business. You can make a payment request through a by phone as well if your more comfortable with this. Please note that if there are minimum quantity requirements for merchandise to meet B2B criteria, you must adhere to those requirements.

  3. Once we receive your request, we will promptly send you a detailed invoice. You can make the payment either by phone or through a link that we will create for the merchandise.

  4. As soon as we process your order, we will provide you with an order confirmation and any tracking number(s) that we receive for your B2B Orders.

  5. Please be aware that we do not offer refunds for the B2B Service(s). This includes subscriptions and merchandise orders. 

  6. In the unlikely event that any issues arise, they will be resolved directly between you, the customer, and the B2B supplier you purchased from. Once you receive the order confirmation, Pinch Estimating will no longer be responsible for any further actions or concerns.

This is a subscription-based service, All B2B orders will include Shipping Cost (If Any), Applicable Tax Per Delivery Address if Nexus has been met, and an 12% Plus .30 Cents USD to cover our payment processing and subscription software costs. 

Important Note: All orders will get the same dealer pricing Pinch Estimating receives from B2B accounts if you go through us. Only the necessary required fees will be added. Keep in mind there is often free shipping for orders over a certain order amount.  And in many States, we have not met Nexus so sales may be tax free for a set amount of time until we meet Nexus in those regions. 





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Our vision is straightforward - to empower construction professionals with the tools and resources they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. We believe that every project should begin with clarity, accessibility, and fairness.